Welsh Slate Quarry Paintings

Hen Hogia Ni - Our Old Boys

Hen Hogia Ni – Our Old Boys

An exhibition of a series of paintings by Slate Artist GWILYM WILLIAMS of Deiniolen, dedicated to the memory of the slate quarrymen of the Dinorwic Quarries.

Gwilym Williams has painted a series of paintings depicting part of the life of the slate quarrymen of Deiniolen and district, it could apply to any area of the slate industry in North Wales.
Starting from their homes and villages, past their chapels and church walking up to Dinorwic Quarry in the early days.
It shows various stages of their hard work in all weathers, and the steam engines that worked on all the levels high into the mountain. From the start of their working day to the end of their days.
(Acknowledgement to Tony Jones (Llanberis) for his information on the local steam engines)

Gwilym is an entirely self-taught slate artist. In february 1976 the love of painting turned into a full-time occupation for Gwilym Williams of Crefft Elidir. Born in a welsh speaking slate quarrying community – (his father and Gwilyms three brothers worked in the Dinorwic quarries) it is not surprising that Gwilym chose slate as the material on which to demonstrate his craft. Gwilym can be seen working in his slate craft workshop in Padarn Parc, Llanberis.

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